It’s X-maaaas !

Wishing merry Christmas to my readers !! And hope you all have a great year ahead. This is another blog so much dedicated to my lovely mom who was very thoughtful to make us a cake since it’s Christmas today. And i really appreciate that she made an effort to go through youtube videos and decided to make an egg-less sponge cake without oven. This was her first attempt and the results are in front of your eyes. Well the moral of this story is that you can get great results even with less investment. Having said that I’ll quickly share the ingredients used and procedures followed. I wasn’t at all a part of this cooking but my mom happily shared how she made this cake. The ingredients used were sugar, flour, ghee, milk, baking powder, and nutella (which is giving a marble effect to this cake). Well of course she could have gone for a different and cheaper choice for chocolate as nutella is such a luxury, but nothing goes wrong with nutella 😉 That is it !!! She didn’t use vanilla essence, eggs and baking soda which are basic ingredients in baking. She left out eggs as she is a vegetarian but for vanilla essence she totally forgot about it hehe 😀

I was  interested in the procedure more than the ingredients used !!! Rather than preheating the oven she opted for cooking in the gas stove over pressure cooker. Later she put a stainless steel coaster Grill (used to grill roti or papad) inside the preheated pressure cooker and placed the cake tin with batter on top of the coaster. Soon after that she closed the lid of the cooker. After almost 50 mins, the cake came out perfect !!! As a first timer she hit all the spots correctly as it came out fluffy, spongy and most importantly delishhhh 😛

photo 1
homemade egg-less cake yum 😛

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