Travelling local @_@

I was recently in Biratnagar to attend my cousin’s wedding. The city is located in Morang district of the eastern Terai region, and also known as the industrial capital of Nepal. It was my 3rd trip to the city and this time I was travelling along with my parents. As soon as we landed in Biratnagar airport, we decided to take an electric rickshaw till our hotel as recommended to us. Well why not if it was cheaper than taking a cab. The distance to hotel was around 30 mins and we hopped onto delightful looking red rickshaw with a decent looking driver.

That’s how the first journey to Biratnagar of my parents began. It was me who asked them to ditch taxi and opt for rickshaw instead as I myself being a huge fan of travelling in rickshaw (which you don’t often get to see in KTM). As soon as we left airport premises, we regretted taking this ride !!!!  We were exposed to excessive dust. I never associated Biratnagar city with that much amount of dust. Upon reaching the hotel, the black coat that I wearing turned absolutely white and I couldn’t stop making fun of my parent’s hair turning grey haha 🙂

I did come across an article that said “dust raised by the ongoing construction of the six-lane road has been causing severe impact on the health of the general public. Various places dug for construction of sewer and six-lane road without giving consideration to health of the general public have led to this dire situation”. You can read more from the article at and I also pulled in a picture where you can clearly see the current scenario of the city.

picture speaks for themselves
candid shot taken by my mom in E-rickshaw

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