Extremely unpleasant Pav bhaji

I may have tried pav bhaji in different Indian restaurants of KTM. But, its always exciting trying out street food from where they originated. On my trip to Gorakhpur (India) during holidays, keeping hot and humid climate in mind I definitely wanted to try less spicy Indian food. Pav bhaji automatically popped up in my head as i thought you don’t have to worry much about pav (bread) being spicy at all 😉

We decided to visit Chowdhry sweet house near Vijay Talkies (cinema hall) at Golghar. Being one of the most visited eatery in that area, don’t be surprised to find mixed reviews in internet about this place. And like my previous posts, this too will be a genuine blog for my readers.

A plate of pav bhaji (shown in the picture below) served to me was non other than bland if I wanna put it in a simple way. I even made others try it and they too had the same reaction. May be I had higher expectation trying to compare the taste with already yummylicious bhaji from Angan sweets in KTM. If you have ever tasted pav bhaji, can you imagine eating bhaji minus authentic taste of  bhaji if that makes sense? It was one of those moment where you are bound to leave with only clean plates (especially when you have Indian relatives around you). Not to mention, this particular dish has to be the most unpleasant food I have ever tasted. Well to sum up, I would give 10/10 for hygiene and food looking scrumptious but am I gonna order the same dish in future? NOPE 😛



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