Biriyani dream -_-

My brother really gave me a hard time when he planned visiting his family and relatives in KTM, Butwal (Terai) and Gorakhpur (Terai) in uttar pradesh state of India. He not only was travelling for short period of 2 weeks (including travel to and fro from London) but most importantly he was travelling during the biggest festival of Hindus (Dashain/Vijaya Dashami in Nepal, and Dashera in India). Therefore in such a short window he created for me and my parents, we were basically running from one place to another trying to fit into our cultural norms and values of receiving blessings from elders along with tika. Soon after it was done and over, we rushed to different places trying to entertain my half turned British brother besides trying to satisfy his palette and cravings for spicy food basically Indian cuisine.

As we returned home after satisfying his cravings for Indian street food and adventure in Pokhara, one thing that he repeatedly demanded for was a good quality “biriyani” in KTM before his departure. And I couldn’t think of any other place except for Hyderabad House situated besides Bhatbhateni temple and opposite of Bhatbhateni super store. This eatery is almost 10 mins walk from my house and we could have easily taken him for either of the meal if we had no guests staying with us at that time. I really felt bad that his biriyani dream did not come true in that visit.

And just yesterday since it was a lovely sunny winter weekend, I asked my parents to visit the same eatery as a private celebration of my papa’s birthday. Not to mention, we missed my brother with every spoon of biriyani. This post is totally in remembrance of my lil’ one and also a reminder that I’ll be visiting this place soon in future as they serve quality food which is worth every penny. Though the place is known for their non-veg biriyani, chicken 65 is another dish I would recommend. For those Nepalese whose restaurant meal is incomplete without mo:mo, I recommend platter to them with mo:mos cooked in 4 ways. The only drawback for me is you don’t get to drink anything hot along with their rich and spicy meal (I would have loved piping hot black coffee). Can you imagine customers drinking lassi (yogurt based drink) or soft drinks with authentic Hyderabad cuisine during ktm winter??? Having said that, I already know I’ll definitely be trying their tandoori mo:mo on my next visit 😉



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