KTM hustle and bustle

While every Nepalese prayed that they had a home and a good job in KTM some 20 yrs back and luckily most of them got thru, how I wish I had never been part of KTM today. Its just as simple as getting a small work done in govt office today where I was supposed to visit to get some legal documents for my scooter. Damn !!! the horrible 30 km ride. In the middle of this horrendous adventure, the thought of leaving my vehicle in the middle of the road just to avoid the pain and aches also passed through my head. As soon as this hustle and bustle was over like after riding for almost 2 and half hrs, I felt weak, tired, sweaty, dirty, hungry, and pain all over my body.

Travelling long distance in Ktm road, in KTM environment, with heavy backpack is such a struggle. Its not just about traffic, its the dust, smoke, bumpy roads, too many vehicles that makes the experience even worse. At times when you just get stuck and can’t move, how you wish you could just vanish. And when the sun is right above your head, ah god bless you !!!  Well you cannot think of something nice when u’re in KTM traffic for sure, its more than a curse.

I really appreciate how this struggle has become most people’s everyday lifestyle. They are sick and tired of complaining and now they simple commute towards this hustle and bustle, get the work done and get ready for tomorrow’s same lifestyle. I just wanna wish them good health and safe journey !!!


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