My first roadkill experience !!!

I was in Gorkha district with colleagues and we were travelling around meeting almost 12 teams alone in Gorkha. We had already met teams in Taple and Bungkot, and that was the very day we had scheduled to meet two teams in Ghairung, 14 km approx from Gorkha bazaar. Since the roads in Gorkha are rough, we were prepared for long ride like our earlier trips.

Our driver was fond of music so i’m pretty much sure we were listening to Arijit Singh that day too. Enjoying beautiful scene, grooving to Arijit’s number with broken lyrics, we didn’t realize at all from when we were being followed by two men in bike. There was a point where two vehicle couldn’t pass so we had stopped to provide side to the other vehicle. Same time the bike stopped right behind us and the man in the back seat came running towards the driver. Omg !!! I got scared as there was such anger in these two men. They didn’t allow us to go forward that point rather demanded we turn around and go all the way from where we came. None of us inside the vehicle were aware that there was a roadkill :O our very own vehicle had accidentally killed an adult chicken while it was trying to cross the road. Wait it gets worse then this !!! this accident had took place right in front of policemen where we were supposed to register before moving ahead, and the dead chicken belonged to the same policemen who I thought were gonna eat us all up that day đŸ˜‰

Having said that I still consider us lucky because thank god the chicken was not owned by any of the community member. Do I still need to explain how its like killing any animal belonging to rural community in Nepal? The matter was sorted out within an hr time and we escaped from paying whopping amount to these policemen.

Since Dashain is around the corner, safe travels to you and your family !!!



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