My take on Lumbini !!!

I happened to visit Rupandehi district of Nepal for work. I never got chance to actually visit Rupandehi except for in Dashain. I’m saying this because holidays of Dashain are fully devoted for family, food and of course cards. So, luckily this time I got a chance to not only work but also visit places that Rupandehi district is mainly known for. And yes I’m talking about Lumbini !!!

Well !! I won’t be explaining what’s already there in internet. You will get all the information on history of Lumbini, Siddhartha Gautam Buddha and all the temples that are inside Lumbini premise with just a single click. Well that’s not what this blog is going to be !!!

I have observed few things which I’m happily sharing with readers. Since I had rented a vehicle, it was much easier traveling in such a huge place and possible for me to visit few temples in short time. It amazes me how one can travel to all the temples in their vehicle by paying as little as NRs.300, but its much more expensive to reach just the main temple of Maya Devi. But why I asked to myself and I didn’t get any answer. I could have walked to the temple on foot but in such scorching heat I instead decided to hire a rickshaw whom I easily bargained for NRs.150 (for two way). It was literally less than 5 mins ride. Can you even believe E-rickshaw asked for NRs.400 ?? The only thing that was going in my head was “are you even serious?”, “how is that even possible?”, “stop cheating tourists”. And even if you decide to take either rickshaw or E-rickshaw, one has to walk a long way on foot to get to Maya Devi temple. Though the beautiful temples and colorful pieces of arts combined with peaceful environment never fails to amaze you in Lumbini, I had the most difficult time walking bare foot on tiles that were burning with heat.

Having said that, there are few most essential items that I’m gonna keep in mind if I ever visit Lumbini. An umbrella, sun glasses, lots and lots of water, tissue paper or wet wipes and most importantly SOCKS !!! I know I might sound crazy but trust me I’ve walked bare foot around temple premise in October sun. The month of October is still summer for Rupandehi my friends 🙂 Also I would carry few snacks as the only things you get outside most temples is local Nepali snack ‘chatpate’ and local ice-cream. Forget about buying water as there are no stalls or shops near by. There are few restaurants where you can enjoy Nepali food and they are located outside the premise of Maya Devi temple.

Know well what leads you forward and what holds you back, and choose the path that leads to wisdom ~ BUDDHA

Maya Devi Temple
Thailand Buddhist Temple


World Peace Pagoda

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