You don’t always need a plan

I had just started on a new survey on Nutrition and Health, and couple of deliverable was piling up at hand. As I had no time to think other than work, out of the blues it came as a surprise to me when my parents asked for my permission for a short getaway!!! OMG, did I really need to go through all that distraction at that point? It was indeed something that I was craving for from some time and com’ on who says no to such offer? I was taken aback at first but then it became a matter of me taking few days break from work. My parents stood rigid demanding that we all travel together and for the first time I really wanted to hug them tight.

Scheduling a family vacation in calendar always sounded cliché to me but here I am travelling around places with the cutest couple on earth. It surely did come as a short notice but I thoroughly enjoyed every bit of it. It was a rush travelling three countries in a week but that’s how package tours are planned. A huge learning though!!! I am never taking my parents in a short and stressful vacations as people who are aging tend to get tired easily. Lesser days meaning more activities to do in short time and you definitely need a pair of running shoes. But it was really delightful to see my parents enjoy to their fullest and always being positive. I wish them good health and prosperity!!

Batu cave, Malaysia
cutest couple@National orchid garden, Singapore
National orchid garden, Singapore
Pattaya Beach
Madame Tussauds (Sentosa Island) Singapore

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