out of my comfort zone !!!

13244616_10208100864592703_1288909779147492362_nI was in a mission to visit our field team in Milche, Kavre for NNMSS. It was a long trek so we decided to spend the night in the first house after walking for almost 3 hrs in heavy rain, above huge rocks that did not at all help us in walking any faster. Hungry, thirsty, dead tired and totally exhausted, the only thing that was going in my mind was growth in the river and being swept away, side by side also thinking it would be wise to follow other’s instinct instead and that is exactly what I did. Less did I know what was yet to come. As we were getting closer to our destination, there was a point where we had to cross the Durlung river and climb uphill. I went last and within a second I was in the water. River was slowly pulling me towards its depth and I panicked but luckily my upper body was above the water surface as the backpack I was carrying helped me to float. One of my colleagues immediately pulled me out. Later I realized my umbrella had already broken from that fall. Things got really hectic as now I had nothing to cover my head, totally drenched, I was walking whole way on my colleague’s slippers as my sandals broke and I only prayed that my cloths that I was carrying the whole time remained dry and warm as that was what I needed the most, even more than a hot coffee mug.

The next morning as I reached into my backpack to pay for food and accommodation, I get another shock. All the change I was carrying equal to Rs.3000 was gone. It was smaller amount compared to the entire luggage being vanished few months back. Yes, I got robbed again for the second time in 2016. Somehow managed to walk for another 5-6 hrs without food and here came another hurdle nobody wishes for, crossing Bagmati river several times!! My heart sunk hearing that all the pollution was washed down from KTM to where we stood. I knew my lower body would be fully covered in untreated sewage with awful smell, but being the only female and shortest in the group I had to stay focused and strong. The slippery rocks did not fail to cut our feet, due to which we all lost our balance several times. The mobile phone which was the only means of communication with our family broke down while we were returning back. Where was god’s mercy??? We even decided to capture this moment but later it didn’t come as a surprise that the file with pictures taken in Bagmati river got crashed too. It was unbelievable that the bad luck followed us two days.

Fieldwork in Milche remains in my memory only due to these obstacles. I didn’t give up on myself and I proved my male colleagues wrong who at some point thought I would break down. We departed from Milche with mixed emotions but……wow after all those hurts, scars and bruises, after all those trials we really made it through. It is said right that obstacles are put in our way to see if what we want is really worth fighting for.

Keep Exploring!!


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