मुंबई trip

Planning Mumbai trip was not at all easy!!! One always generalizes the city for red light areas, heavy traffic, fast and night life, crimes and definitely not for people with weak heart, and I was not an exception. But the plan worked out eventually and in June 2015, I was in city of millions of dream MUMBAI….. Having said this, I generously give credit to my friend who encouraged and helped me excel. In other word, my Manipuri friend was not only the mastermind, but equally a planner and organizer of this trip. We met during three week’s Thailand visit for coursework on peace studies in 2009 and ever since our friendship has only grown. Currently, he is a scholar at TISS moving towards completing his phD.

Being a researcher and searching for better opportunities, I showed interest and attended three day workshop on research methodology only because it was organized by and in TISS. Though I was the only international participant, it didn’t take me long to feel comfortable around like minded people. So definitely this workshop has pushed me to think out of the box.

Besides workshop, my friend showed me various places around city. I don’t even care if it was a local ice-cream parlor in a walking distant or magnificent ferry ride to an island, the memories are super fresh and something I’ll always cherish. A quick pit stop to marine drive was what I needed to rejuvenate energy. God bless my wonderful friend who took me to Barista 🙂 when I was dying for caffeine after rigorous workshop. And to be honest, I never experiment with food but this time I came back being a huge fan of Kerala cuisine. I was never a shopaholic so I never had any idea what to expect from shopping in Mumbai. But instead being a foodie myself and not to forget my friend who is crazy about food, we rather enjoyed from Maharashtra cuisine to oriental and not to forget KFC and Mc.Donald. Overall, this was a trip to remember !!!

Visit to Elephanta Island with my Manipuri friend
TISS, old campus
Situated in East of Mumbai, Elephanta cave is full of gigantic sculptures

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