Workshop on Creative writing & Drawing

It’s last Sunday morning of November 2015 and I’m back to work. The bandh legacy continues with very few or non existent public vehicles in road. In this shivering cold with no rays of sun visible from my room, the first thing that comes in my mind is none other than COFFEE…and with caffeine all over me, I sit back, relax and start writing.

Yesterday was an important day for me. I was lucky enough to attend creative workshop organised by my childhood friend Ms. Arati Thapa @ Cafe Amu, Lalitpur for Shoutout Nepal project. Ms. Thapa was an IT Manager in UK prior to coming Nepal with her 90 days mission to work with children at schools of various district. However, she had to cancel her trip to Gorkha due to ongoing fuel crisis.

November 28 was final and last day of mission for Ms. Thapa. She shared her experiences and learning from fieldwork. But most importantly, she engaged entire participants in both individual and group creative writing & drawing.

After earthquake struck Nepal, I along with my team of volunteers in SCOPE Nepal, could only think like others where our main activities were simply focused towards fund raising for relief work. Now as we go into different phase, we look forward to making our visit with a different approach of Edutainment with creative writing & drawing.

Thanking Ms.Thapa for this wonderful opportunity !!!

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Ms. Thapa moving on with creative writing session
Presentation after group work
Best friends 🙂

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